Monday, April 28, 2008

Scholarship Winner!!!

Hey! What fun is this! I get to present Dustin Williamson with a $5,000.00 scholarship! What can be better than this?! Dustin was one of the 2008 Seniors we photographed this year who took advantage of the scholarship opportunity we offer in cooperation with Senior Photographers International. As an organization, we work all year to raise funds that we can then award in scholarships. Thousands of seniors, internationally, vie for the scholarships and to have it awarded to someone from A Moment In Time Studio is just fantastic! We were soooooooo excited!!!

Senior Photographers International

Chelsea Dillon of Grove City High School, and Jordan Bivens of Madison Plains High School were the subjects of Senior portfolios that were awarded Honorable Mentions at the annual Senior Photographers International convention and competition. Each photographer is permitted to enter one portfolio each of a senior boy and a senior girl in the international competition. Susan photographed Chelsea and Jordan last summer for their Class of 2008 senior portraits. They were great subjects! Obviously!

Susan and Jim joined photographers from all over the country who specialize in high school senior portraits. As a group, the members photograph approximately 280,000 seniors a year.

The fact that the competition was held in St. Petersburg, Florida the end of January sure didn’t make us sad either!

Ambassadors help behind the scenes....

What a great group!!!! We are getting our mailing pieces ready to go out and our Ambassadors (and some of their Moms) came to help out! There were mailing pieces flying! Music and lots of chatter made the time go fast. These guys got things done two entire days faster than we anticipated. Thanx to all!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Flood of 2008

Well, it looks like we can release the animals from the ark. The flood waters are going down very slowly but down none the less. For those of you who do not routinely pass the studio, you missed our flood! As you know, we have a pond on the north side of the driveway and another on the south side of the property. Last week, when the rains came, our ponds almost rose to meet each other. The water was 5 inches deep over the driveway and became part of the pond. For 2 days, we had to cancel appointment sessions because we were not comfortable with people trying to drive through water that high when one false move could put them in the pond. It is still way too cold to swim!

Attached are some pictures of Jim driving Easter orders and other orders out to clients for pick up. Only his truck sat up high enough to get through. It was quite the interesting couple of days.

I always wanted beach front property but never expected the beach to come to me.