Friday, September 25, 2009


It's OSU vs Illinois this Saturday! Rain is expected for the game but that doesn't dampen the enthusiasm of Beth and Jim. We are decked out for the Buckeyes! Don't you think Jim bears a striking resemblance to Jim Tressel? And Beth is the ultimate Buckeye fan. She can't even sit down during the game. She paces the whole time! She is really upset I didn't give her notice about these pix so she could wear her Buckeye necklaces, carry her Buckeye purse, show off her Buckeye shoes and have her picture taken in her Buckeye room at home. See what I mean about ultimate fan??!!
Have a terrific weekend and..... GO BUCKS!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Arts in the Alley Photography contest

Arts in the Alley Photography Contest

Last week was a learning curve that was a vertical line!!! I did something my dad told me never to do. I said, "If you need any help with that let me know." It was the start of a project that has been a blast but more involved than I ever dreamed.

When the levy failed for the SW Public Library, funding was no longer available for the Arts in the Alley Photography Contest that they had always sponsored. It was in danger of being discontinued. Marilyn Reiner was in ordering her granddaughter's, Sonja (she is just adorable), pictures and told us the Chamber of Commerce was looking for someone to take it over. Marilyn, by the way, works at the Chamber and worked her fingers to the bone on the Arts this weekend. Kudos to her.

I have judged the contest numerous times and felt sure I would be able to handle it. I had no idea how much work Bethanne Johnson had put into it over the years. She was an invaluable source of information, organizational advice and encouragement.

Wednesday and Thursday were registration, Friday was setting up the exhibit and the judging and Saturday and Sunday were spent manning the exhibib. Sunday was also the awards ceremony and if they had told me I had to do that on stage, I may have backed out.

Many, many beautiful images, lots of great people and volunteers that saved me. It was a wonderful weekend! Lets do it again next year!

Arts in the Alley Photography contest

Friday, September 11, 2009

Beth is teaching Susan to manage the blog!

BETH - OK! Things have gotten so busy and crazy, I am losing my mind. Since Susan's mind has been gone so long she no longer misses it, she foolishly said "I will manage the blog for you." You poor people.

SUSAN - I love blogging facebook and tweeting and emailing so now I can add the blog to my list of favorites.
There is so much going on here at the studio and I love sharing it. Things change so fast, the only way to get the news out is the blog.

We have instituted a new session that is a blast! We love doing it! It is a Downtown Photo Safari. We use areas in downtown Grove City (there are thousands that are terrific) to do a model style session. It is great for guys and girls!
The session can be done separately or as an addition to any of our great existing sessions. I will attach some images so you get the idea!

Hey. I think I did it. If you are reading this, I have mastered the studio's blog. Yay!