Friday, May 23, 2008

Susan has lost her mind!!

OK. I have officially lost my mind, not to mention, my cell phone.

It’s like this. My Mom had a stroke in September. After 2 months of hospital and 5 months of rehab, she has been able to go into assisted living. The staff there is just wonderful to her. I go daily to see her and every night we read together. Last night, the nurse told me she needed some over the counter medicine. So this morning, I went to the store and got it.

I had three missions this morning. 1. Take her the medicine. Mom’s facility is in Obetz, the southeast of Columbus. 2. While there, pay for her (today’s) hair salon appointment so she could get her hair done. You pay at the same facility, but in another building. 3. Pick up some supplies at Fed Ex, way out on West Broad St. No problem. I got in the car, loaded her clean laundry, her medicine and her check book. Over to the facility I go. Into her room, hang up her clothes, put her linens away, visit a while and stop to talk to her nurses and aides (who I just love). Mission accomplished. Off to Fed Ex I go, covering about half the outer belt of Columbus. While standing at the counter, I pull out my checkbook. And Mom’s. With her check still in it.Back on the freeway, back to the assisted living. Into the office I go and pay for her appointment, with everyone laughing because I had just been there. Back to the studio and my next session. After the session, I needed to return a call so I went to my purse for my cell phone. Not there. Go to the car. Not there. Looked everywhere. Not there. You know what you do when you can’t find your cell phone, right? You call it. One ring. Two rings. Three rings and an answer. “Hello. Can you tell me who I am talking to?” IT WAS THE ASSISTED LIVING! I had left it on the counter. Heavy sigh, drooped shoulders. “I’ll be there right after I finish my last session.” Back I go, again. Gloria was laughing so hard when I went back in, she could hardly look at me. So Mom got an extra long 3rd visit for the day and my gas tank needs refilling.

The really sad thing is, I actually tell people the dumb stuff I do. But if you can’t laugh at yourself, what else is there? Right?

Hope you all have an organized day. I don’t know. Maybe not. An awful lot of people laughed at me today and if laughter is the best medicine, we should all feel much better.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Congrats Graduates!

WOW! Time has gone by so fast. I can’t believe the Class of 2008 is almost ready to graduate and take off! Except that we are going like mad to get all the invitations printed for ‘08 parties, I’m not sure I would realize that graduation is here.

It has been our absolute pleasure to meet and photograph all the great seniors we had this year. I have always said that we get all the best seniors. The chance to get to know you all has been such a blessing for us. We’ve laughed together, done some fun stuff and even cried together. You guys have been awesome.

Enjoy these last few days you have before you take off for the real world. Whether you will be going off to college or jobs, we wish you every good thing. There are absolutely no limits to all you can accomplish. Your life is a journey, you can choose any number of paths. Choose wisely, they will determine your eventual

Your parents are gonna be pretty emotional through all this. Just let them hug you when they need to. Letting go and realizing you are graduating will be difficult and when they do hug, you will notice they will hold on just a little longer. You will hear at least a million times that it seems like you were a baby, just yesterday. And it does.

Be safe, have fun and God bless you! Susan, Jim and Beth