Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Storm of 2009

WOW! The weather forecasters hit it on the head this time. Snow. Then ice. Then lots more snow. What a winter storm!
We hope you all were well and stayed warm. Jim and I made it in to the studio today but I’m not so sure we will get out. At least we have power and are warm. God bless all those electric line, phone line, heating product delivery personnel and all the people working outside today. We couldn’t believe it when our UPS person made it all the way down the drive to make a delivery.
And a huge THANKYOU to all the road crews, law enforcement and fire fighters. I hope you all get some well deserved rest when this is all over!!
It took forever just to clear an area for entry into the studio, with all the ice to be chipped away.
I have to tell you though, I am one of those people who stands out in the snow and just watches it come down. It is so beautiful!! The flakes were huge and fluffy. Everything looked so clean and pure. It was so quiet. There is something about a snowfall like that.
The ice that formed on the trees and bushes turned them into glass sculptures. Occasionally, the sun would break through the clouds and the ice would sparkle like diamonds. I just couldn’t help taking the camera out and photographing some of them. They were gorgeous.
When my girls were little, I would dress them up like Ralphie’s little brother in the movie, “A Christmas Story”. You know, they dressed him up in the snowsuit that was so thick his arms stuck straight out and if he fell down, there was no chance in the world he could get up. As they got a bit older, I became more realistic and we would spend hours outside, snow mobiling, sledding, skating, making snowmen and snow angels. We always had hot chocolate when we came in and it tasted better then somehow. Now, their children are doing the same things. They are so fun to watch. Just makes me realize how quickly time passes.
Well, winter isn’t over and I am sure there will be more days when I ponder my rationale for living in a state with such cold weather. I have often alluded to the fact that if I were smarter, I would be living in a warmer climate
But, I gotta tell you, I loved today. It was renewing and beautiful. I hope you had a few minutes to see and appreciate it for the wonder it is. Stay warm.