Friday, February 18, 2011

Shadowing Day 2011

What a fun day! Allison and Cole came in to shadow today. Mickey helped them with light set up and let them use the camera and they did really well. I was afraid we were overloading them with technical information but they did a great job trying to keep up. Except in those last two images. I think at that point they were having way too much fun.
We may have some future employees here. Definitely a lot of talent.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grove City Road Closure Notices

We wanted to pass along some local road closure information, to make it a little easier, if you travel this area.

"Two Grove City road closings are planned.

Haughn Road will close for six days starting Feb. 14.

State Route 665 will close for about 60 days starting Feb. 15.

Old Haughn Road: The city has contracted with Darby Creek Excavating to complete the Haughn Road-Fryer Park water main improvement project.

The road closure should last no more than six days, weather permitting. Traffic will be maintained during the remaining project work on the east side of the road over the next few months.

State Route 665 will detour east to Gateway West Drive to the relocated Haughn Road to old Haughn Road to Route 665 west and the opposite for Route 665 west traffic. The estimated completion date is April 10.

The closure marks the official start of construction on the Interstate 71-Route 665 Interchange Project. The $22-million project will create a single point urban interchange at I-71 and route 665, similar to the I-270 and Sawmill Road interchange. "

Picked up this information online and not really sure about the specifics but we hope it will save you some trouble if you travel in this area.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Only 2 Weeks Left!

Only 2 weeks left for our Pet Special to benefit the Wright Poling Dog Shelter! We have photographed some of the most adorable pets so far so don't miss your chance for great images of the four legged members of your family. At the same time, you will be supporting those pets who need our help. The entire session fee of $25. will be donated to the Wright Poling Dog Shelter. Call now. 614.875.0147 800.246.3679

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Susan's Award Winning Portfolios SYNC 2011

OK... Here are our entries for the competition.

Seniors who were photographed for Susan's entries are:
Kyle Baughman
Macy Cobb
Emily Mayes

Fantastic job, guys!

Mickey's Award Winning Portfolios SYNC 2011

OK... Here are our entries for the competition.

Seniors who were photographed for Mickey's entries are:
Jacob Bova
Jordan Ewing
Carrissa Patrick

Fantastic job, guys!

A Moment In Time Studio Wins Awards!!

Ours brains are on overload! 5 days of intense education, new ideas, fantastic speakers.

And... A Moment In Time Studio scored FOUR Awards of Excellence in the Senior Folio Print Competition! We were each allowed to enter 3 folios and all 6 were chosen to be included in the exhibition at Tradewinds Resort. EVEN BETTER, Mickey got awards on ALL THREE and Susan got one, too!! Woooohooooo! It was terrific.

SYNC - Senior & Youth National Conference - is a new and exciting innovative event. SYNC features lectures and events which specialize in photographing High School Seniors.

Started by industry leaders Darty Hines and Colleen Gonsar, this conference is five days packed full with great speakers, competiton and hands on photography sessions. Many of the top speakers in the country on Senior Portraits presenting programs, discussing the newest techniques, products, equipment and inovations in an ever changing market.

SYNC also holds interactive events each evening with hands-on training by top senior portrait photographers. A print competition, award show, and trade show round out the SYNC event. Hundreds of photographers from all over the country converged to participate.